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Our relationship  | May 05, 2020
The great history of Air Liquide shareholding
Our relationship  | July 23, 2020

Maintaining the quality of our service to shareholders

Dialogue and proximity are at the heart of Air Liquide’s relationship with its shareholders. On a daily basis under normal circumstances, as well as in this period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group makes every possible effort to preserve them.

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Our activities  | July 16, 2020

Pushing the boundaries of science

Today we are celebrating the 14th anniversary of the presence of MELFI(1)ag九游会注册 on board the International Space Station (ISS). This cold production system , this “refrigerator of space”, allows the conservation of scientific samples in space at -80°C. Initially planned for 2 years, it now records more than 14 years of continuous operation! An opportunity for us to return to the Group’s cutting-edge activities in space.

Our relationship  | July 10, 2020

General Meeting digitalization and shareholder democracy - a tribune by Benoît Potier

The Institut du Capitalisme Responsable (Institute for Responsible Capitalism) takes a look back in a special magazine at the 2020 General Meetings season, which was unprecedented. An opportunity for Benoît Potier to review the challenges and opportunities that came up with the digitalization of this event, so important to the Group and shareholder democracy.

Our activities  | July 10, 2020

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Night Fountains Show at Château de Versailles!

Château de Versailles reopens its gardens and the Night Fountains Show is back! A unique event of which Air Liquide has been a partner since 2007.

Our relationship

ag九游会注册2020 Annual General Meeting: the replay

You missed the live broadcast? Watch the full 2020 Annual General Meeting in replay

Our relationship  | July 06, 2020

A look back at the 2020 General Meeting highlights

ag九游会注册 The 2020 General Meeting took place a few weeks ago, in an unprecedented fully digital format. As the Minutes of this Meeting have just been released, let’s have a look (back) at what was not to be missed!

Our relationship  | June 29, 2020

Join the Shareholders' Communication Committee

Interested in joining Air Liquide’s Shareholders' Communication Committee and contributing to the development of the Group's close relationship with its individual shareholders? You have until July 31 to apply!

Our relationship  | June 18, 2020

420,000 shareholders, 420,000 reasons to invent the future

ag九游会注册 Damien, a shareholder with a passion for running, thrives on the collective dynamic of preparation and shared effort — values that he has also found at Air Liquide.

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Our activities  | June 11, 2020

Industry in the digital age

As the 5thag九游会注册 edition of the VivaTech exhibition should have taken place from 11 to 13 June in Paris, we wanted to come back with you on the digital transformation of the industry, a major theme for Air Liquide.

Our relationship  | May 27, 2020

420 000 shareholders, 420 000 reasons to support the digital transformation of the industry

ag九游会注册 Huimin is an Air Liquide employee and also a shareholder. Her stake in the future is to work for a company that plays a role in the digital transformation of the industry.

Your shares  | May 15, 2020

All there is to know about Air Liquide's 2020 dividend

A detailed look back at the 2020 dividend paid on May 13.

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Our activities  | May 14, 2020

Hydrogen energy at the heart of the energy transition

In over 50 years, Air Liquide has developed unique know-how across the entire hydrogen chain (from production to storage and distribution). Through its expertise, the Group contributes to the wider use of hydrogen as a source of clean energy.